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Rapid Smart LED Bulb, 9W, Cool Day Light, Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

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Package Content:1 Rapid Smart LED Bulb
Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Home.
9W LED Bulb with 900 Lumens. Colour/CCT: Cool Day Light / 6500k.
Voltage/Frequency:220V-240V,50 Hz
Warranty: 1 year warranty from the date of Invoice.

Rapid Smart LED Bulb is the simplest way to step in to Light Automation in a cost effective way. These bulbs are Smart Version of 9W LED Bulbs with 900 Lumen and Cool Day light in Color which is the most essential light requirement in the normal day to day life. Rapid Smart LED Bulbs work on the basis of WIFI Signals and can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home which enhances the ability to turn On/Off the bulbs using Alexa/Google Assistant Mobile applications and using Voice Commands too. Sinric Mobile Application can also be used to access these bulbs. No requirement for any Additional Hubs. Turning On/Off of Rapid Smart LED Bulbs can be scheduled using Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant Mobile Applications, which can wake you up in the morning time, can make your presence even if you are away from your home and saves energy as the lights can be scheduled as Off at night time. Rapid Smart LED Bulbs can be used as normal 9W LED Bulbs even if it is not configured as Smart Bulbs. It is easy to configure with your WIFI Device as well as Amazon Alexa /Google Home Applications, with the Help of Instruction manual provided with the Bulbs. Internet Connection is required to control Rapid Smart LED Bulbs remotely. The dimming option and Colour change ability is not available. Visit our website for more detials Please visit this link for Rapid Smart LED Configuration tutorial:

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