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Water Tank Sensor



All wireless models are remotely configurable by Agua, hence they can be configured as per your needs.Agua has followed strict international guidelines to manufacture reliable enclosures for all its devices.Connect the Ultrasonic Sensor to 220V power supply via adapter.Plug in the Motor Controller to 220 V power and motor behind the Motor Controller.


Eco friedlyEasy to useCompatibleAs shown in the descriptionPackage includes 1 piece


Most advanced technology to smartly automate water tank management; Works with Water pump upto 5 KW (6 HP)Detects real time TDS of the waterSTART/ STOP Pump Automatically - Set Timings, Set Tank Water Level to start and stop the PumpDRY RUN PROTECTION - In Case the pump gets ON but the water is not available, it switches OFF pump and doesn't let pump damage.Brand Toll Free - 1800-121-2764 ; email - [email protected]


Equipped with two float sensors that activated with in seconds when your water level dropsRefills your sump or tank to reaches your set pointElectronic controller allows for two modes of operation with a total of three different set up scenarios


[Attention] - The pole length needs to be at least 1 inches shorter than the barrel, as reserved. For example, the height of inside-barrel is 8.5 inches, then you need to choose about 7.5 inches of rod length[Please Focus here] - DOES NOT contain any mounting hardware, NOT 5 screw mounting and gasket. This fuel sensor unit is S3 series,Twist the probe lever into threaded hole, assembled ONLY with waterproof rubber ring, easy for installation.[Recommendation] - It's perfect with our meter. ASIN B079NCV1TW B079NXKR51[Widely Used] - Suitable for fuel, water, kerosene, chemical tanks and any kinds of liquids without impurities[Antirust Stainless Steel] - Long using life, anti-vibration, anti-explosion. One Year Factory Warranty


Signal Output: 240 ohms-33 ohmsMounting Method: SAE 5 hole mounting patternOperating Voltage: 12Vdc/24VdcMaterial: Type 316 stainless steelNBR mounting gasket (1Pcs) and screw (5Pcs) included